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In recent years, the raw trend has invaded our daily lives. Contrary to what one might believe, it was in Switzerland at the end of the 19th century that Raw Food was born. The principle of this movement is simple: benefit from the benefits of fruits, vegetables and seeds while working on them as little as possible. In the 2010s, this mode of consumption made a comeback, so much so that today, recipes for verrines, mixed salads, verrines, no-cook pies and other juices abound everywhere… and traditional jam is no exception. not to this trend. Here is the light, no-cook version of this flagship breakfast product.

Just as tasty as its traditional version, the crufiture is however much less sweet. By not cooking fruits, you also benefit from all their benefits, in particular the absorption of all their fibers and vitamins which can be altered during traditional preparation.

Last advantage: crufiture can be prepared from all seasonal fruits and can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. One more reason to vary the pleasures and flavors.


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