Claudia Aguilerawife of the assassinated Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor Marcelo Pecciasked the Public Ministry of Paraguay to exhibit “royal will” to investigate this crime that occurred in May 2022 and called for support from the international community so that the case is “completely” clarified.

It is appropriate for me to strongly express my concern and dismay at the public recognition of the almost zero probability of clarifying in Paraguay who were the perpetrators of the attack on the life of Marcelo Pecci“Aguilera said in a statement.

The wife of the murdered official expressed her concern about statements by the Attorney General of Paraguay, Emiliano Rolón, who, according to local media, would have indicated that not even the wizard Mandrake could solve this case.

Pecci, one of the most important anti-mafia prosecutors in Paraguay, was murdered in May 2022 by hitmen, when he was on a hotel beach on the island of Barú, near the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias, where he traveled with Aguilera for her honeymoon.

“I request humanity in the face of the pain we feel, consideration for the memory of Marcelo Pecci and respect for the work that cost him his life; I ask for empathy and commitment to fight tirelessly until the truth is known, since this will not only bring a small consolation to our souls, but will be an indication of peace and justice for the Paraguayan people,” he added.

In addition, he urged the Presidency and Congress to use their legislative majorities to reallocate the necessary resources so that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police “can clarify this assassination.”

“Otherwise,” he warned, “not only a message of impunity is broadcast for criminal and terrorist gangsbut they all become passive accomplices of these groups.”

He also asked for international support to clarify this fact, “above the criminal and economic power possessed by the gang or person who was bothered by Marcelo Pecci.”

Asked about this, Rolón declared to ABC Cardinal radio that his intention was to “paint the national reality” and admitted that the Public Ministry does not have “a single investigation staff of its own,” since the operation of the system is in charge of the Police. National.

“When I spoke about Mandrake, what I meant was that with the reality with which we deal“We expect miracles and that is not the case,” alleged the official, who recalled that the material authorship was discovered by Colombia thanks to technology.

The Colombian authorities have handed down seven sentences to those involved in the murder of the prosecutor, a crime with which investigators believe the First Capital Command (PCC) may be related, a gang born in the prisons of Brazil and which today has tentacles in almost the entire region. In this case, arrests have been made in Venezuela and El Salvador.

“Paraguay is still in the era of smoke signals; So, this must be said frankly, because I want to improve so that the justice system is also a guarantee,” the attorney general stressed.

In this sense, he called for a “deep review” of the system in the country. “Organized crime is flying and we are still here as pedestrians,” he said.


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