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From September, the heat and the exposure will be less intense. However, without them, the tomatoes will not be able to reach the stage of maturity. Instead of blushing, they will therefore remain green. However, there is no question of throwing them away or letting them rot on your plants, green tomatoes can very well go to the pan.

Be careful, it is important to take into account that green tomatoes that have not reached maturity are toxic if eaten raw. They contain large quantities of solanine, a substance that is dangerous for the body. In order not to be unfit for consumption, a tomato must not contain more than 20 mg of solanine per 100 g. But fortunately, solanine degrades with cooking. No question of eating them in salads, but they can easily be transformed into jam.

Preparation time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 40 mins

For your jam, be sure to choose fruit that is free of blows, holes, spots and signs of disease.

Ingredients :

  • 1 kg of green tomatoes
  • 2 unwaxed lemons
  • 700 g special jam sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod

Steps :

  1. Wash the tomatoes, cut them into pieces and put them in a jam bowl or a heavy-bottomed casserole dish.
  2. Wash the lemons and grate their zest. Squeeze their juice, split the vanilla pod in half. Pour everything with the tomatoes. Add the sugar.
  3. Bring to a boil and stir well to dissolve the sugar. Continue cooking over medium heat for 30 to 40 minutes.
  4. Remove the vanilla pod.

Pour into sterilized jars (find our tips here to always do it right), close them and turn them over. Let cool and label the jars. Store in a cool place. You can keep your pots between 1 and 3 years.

This jam is eaten like any other jam. You can enjoy it on toast for breakfast, on brioche at tea time, in plain yoghurts, with fromage blanc, skyr…

Tomato jam is ideal for sweet/savory mixes, it goes very well with cheese, goat or sheep cheese. You can also use it instead of your onion chutney to accompany your Christmas foie gras.


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