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Summer is finally here and the sunny days are starting to arrive, so it’s the perfect time to swap hearty dishes for delicious salads. While it is possible to vary them in a thousand and one ways, the detail that can make all the difference is undoubtedly the vinaigrette. Recently, we shared with you the tip of a starred chef to make it lighter. Today, we’re talking to you about flavored oil and explaining how to make it at home.

Although many consumers prefer olive oil to butter, it nevertheless remains very classic. Fortunately, it is easily possible to twist it a little by flavoring it. You can make it with vanilla or coffee to accompany your fish or even with lemon and thyme, but the one that everyone agrees on is undoubtedly basil flavored oil. In your salads but also in your pasta dishes, this simple sauce can perfectly enhance your preparations.

Here is the basis for a preparation of flavored oil, it is then up to you to adapt the recipe according to your wishes.

For the ingredientsyou will need 1 liter of olive oil, 12 basil leaves and if you have 6 basil flowers.

For an express version, on social networks, the content creator Sleeping Beauty shared her basil oil recipe. For its preparation, the young woman uses rapeseed oil. She starts by blanching her basil for 15 seconds in boiling water before plunging it into ice water. Then she spins the leaves properly. In a blender, she adds the neutral oil and the basil and mixes for at least 5 good minutes. She filters everything and it’s ready!

You can also prepare a chili oil to add a little spice to your next recipes! It’s up to you to choose your favorite flavored oil.


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