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Gionpaolo Casttelano is one of the founders of the pizzeria Fratello Castellano, a Parisian address created by two Italian brothers. For them, there is no doubt, pizza is a religion. It’s tomato sauce running through their veins. They therefore establish themselves as the best advisors on this Italian dish that we love so much. Asked by the Women’s JournalGianpaolo has revealed his secrets to recognizing a good authentic Italian pizzeria.

With the tips of this Italian restaurateur, you will be able to recognize a good pizzeria at a glance, we assure you. Indeed, just on the map it is possible to spot certain “redflags” which should alert you.

The first thing you need to pay attention to: the foods that make up your pizza. This will give you a first idea of ​​the quality. Some ingredients slip into the recipe when they don’t belong there. According to the expert, this is already a bad sign. It is not rare, in fact, to find eggs. But Gionpaolo Casttelano is categorical, on pizza there is none: “Eggs should not appear in the topping of pizzas. Whether it’s a regina (queen, in French) pizza, a margherita or a calzone, eggs have no place here. This sign makes no mistake on the menu “.

But that’s not all, other foods should alert you like crème fraîche: “If you see white pizzas made with crème fraîche, that’s not a very good sign,” comments the restaurateur. “Real pizzerias use ingredients of Italian origin like ricotta, burrata or fior di latte.”

Finally, details are also important. In addition to the list of ingredients, the specialist advises you to be wary of the presence of olives on all pizzas. If all the pizzas on the menu contain olives, that’s not great either: “It’s normal to find olives on Neapolitan pizza or pizza capricciosa but if you find them on pizza margherita for example, it’s doubtful.”

So you will have understood, next time, keep your eyes peeled before entering an Italian restaurant!


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