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This Wednesday, June 19, viewers attended the Top Chef final between Jorick and Clotaire. The two finalists had to create an entire menu for the 100 Red Cross volunteers. A major challenge. Finally, if Clotaire won the most points with the chefs, it was Jorick who convinced the volunteers and won this 15th season.

During the votes of the five members of the jury, Clotaire was the favorite since the young father had obtained 34 votes against only 16 for Jorick. Eventually, the trend reversed as the volunteers gave Jorick’s menu the advantage, thus giving him more votes. The protégé of Stéphanie Le Quellec won with 56.54% of the votes. A close duel.

Asked by Tele-LeisureJorick rightly returned to the choice of the chefs who found his menu a bit too basic for a final: “To be honest, I didn’t experience it very difficult. I have two feelings going through my head. The first is “I don’t care a bit because I’m super proud of my team, of this day and of this menu”. I have no regrets, may the best win!”, he confides first. But this first feeling gave way to a second. “The second feeling that crosses me is not annoyance but I had the impression that the chefs, on this test, judged my personality that they saw throughout the competition and not the “test as such with its title which is to please 100 guests”he believes.

Indeed, although the candidate respects the decision of the leaders, he remains no less surprised. We also sense a hint of annoyance in his response: “When I hear ‘We haven’t found Jorick,’ I don’t agree. Jorick doesn’t limit himself to making liquid vacuum bags (a dish he made in the quarter-finals and which earned him David Munoz’s favorite, editor’s note). That’s what I had a hard time accepting at the time. But quite honestly, I didn’t have the balls. Clotaire deserved it as much, there was no debate.” Especially since in the end, the goal was first and foremost to convince the guests.


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