The de facto Taliban government in Afghanistan executed this Thursday in a football stadium to two prisoners convicted of homicide applying the “eye for an eye“, which rewards the criminal with the same damage caused.

Also known as “retribution” was carried out against two people in a stadium in Ghazni province, southern AfghanistanThe Afghan Supreme Court reported in a statement.

According to the court, the case “was tried by three separate courts, and each court issued the execution sentence“, which was later approved by the Taliban’s top leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada.

The statement added that the execution was carried out against “two murderers”, both accused of having killed with a knife to two other people in separate cases.

According to “retribution”, both people must be executed in the same way in which they committed their crime.

In the previous Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001, which ended with the US invasion, Public executions were common practice in Afghanistan as a way to raise awareness among the population about the high price to pay if they committed a crime.

The old Ghazi stadium in Kabul was one of those spaces used for public executions, where every Friday, after prayer in the mosquea crowd gathered to attend the macabre spectacle.

In front of some 20,000 people shouting “Allah-u-Akbar!” (God is great)the Taliban explained, loudspeaker in hand, the crime for which they had convicted the prisoner, displayed before an enthusiastic audience in the center of the playing field, and then executed him or, in the best of cases, cut off his hand.

However, the number of public executions appears to have reduced during the Taliban’s second period in power, which began in August 2021.

The first in this new stage took place in December 2022 in the western province of Farah, while the second execution took place last June in the province of Laghman.


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