UA Ukrainian couple who left the country after the outbreak of war and moved to Valencia, in Spain, lost everything in the fire that left four dead and at least 15 missing.

“We arrived in Valencia to escape the bombs in Ukraine and now a fire has left us with nothing”lamented to El Mundo Dymitro Hambarov, who lived at number 24 of the building devoured by flames in Valencia.

Hambarov and his partner, Oksana Volkova, are among those relocated to the Valencia Palace hotel.

The couple had lived with their pet in the building since October 2023. “Now we don’t know where we’re going”admits the young couple from Kharkiv.

“The building didn’t have a fire alarm, no alarm went off. We didn’t have time to take almost anything. We went down the stairs quickly, I wanted to take the car in the garage, but the police stopped us”, says the man, worried. “It’s new and it’s the only thing we have left,” he insists about the car.

The couple were not the only war refugees living in the building. According to reports, at least 15 Ukrainians would live there. They will mostly be fine, but many pets will have died.

Throughout the night and this morning, emergency services have been working to cool the building where, late this Thursday afternoon, a fire broke out that quickly reached its fourteen floors and spread to another adjacent building.

Only then will authorities be able to enter the building and search for the 15 missing.

The building burned for several hours at high temperatures, which caused thick, dense black smoke and burning debris to fall into the street. Four people died, 15 were injured, and 15 are missing – including a newborn and a child under two years of age.

This morning, six people remained hospitalized, five of which were firefighters, with burns and some trauma, but their lives were not in danger, according to the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Carlos Mazón.

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