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Did you know ? Certain foods are particularly recommended by specialists to stay healthy. These are called top foods. Among them, we find in particular tomatoes, avocados, bananas… but also pumpkin seeds. In a video posted on Instagram, gastroenterologist Dr William Berrebi explains the many benefits of these small seeds. After that, you will only want to go get some!

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For the gastroenterologist, consuming pumpkin seeds has several benefits. First, they are “rich in protein” and in “fibers” which allows them in particular to fight against “the constipation” and allows “to have earlier satiety”. A good point for those who want to pay attention to their figure. Another interest: pumpkin seeds also contain a lot of omega 3 and minerals. Among them, magnesium which has an anti-stress effect, phosphorus, known to help bone strength, and manganese, appreciated for its anti-oxidant side. Final interest: pumpkin seeds are known for their diuretic benefits. They are in fact often used to stimulate the bladder and the prostate to allow the immune system to function well.

You will have understood, these little seeds are a real shot of well-being. So don’t hesitate to consume it regularly. The gastroenterologist recommends swallowing “1 to 2 tablespoons per day”, but still specifies that this second quantity is equivalent to 130 kg. “If you have weight problems, one seems enough to me,” he concludes.


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