Europe has become a coveted destination for Colombians who seek study and work opportunities abroad. Several countries on this continent offer free education and additional benefits for international students.

In this way, we tell you two countries that stand out for people who are looking for more study and work opportunities abroad.

Countries where Colombians can study for free

1. Finland

It is a country in northern Europe that provides free education to all foreign citizens taking programs in Swedish or Finnish, the official languages ​​of the territory. In addition, it allows them to work during their stay.

Those who prefer to receive their training in English must pay a registration fee, although this is affordable according to the European Commission. The cost of living in Finland is relatively high, with an estimated monthly average of between 700 and 900 euros, almost 4 million Colombian pesos.

2. Norway

Norway offers free education to any foreigner regardless of their country of origin. The students They can work up to 20 hours a week while they pursue their semester studies and full-time during vacations. However, living in this nation is also expensive and covering basic expenses It requires around 1,200 euros, almost 5 million Colombian pesos.

3. Germany

Germany stands out as a main destination for Colombian students seeking free higher education. German public universities do not charge tuition for international students, which represents an invaluable opportunity for aspiring careers such as engineering, medicine and social sciences.

In addition, there are subsidy programs that cover living expenses, offered by organizations such as the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Other options in the world

In addition to Europe, there are other countries that welcome Colombians with free study programs and subsidies:

  • France: offers study and work opportunities for Colombians.
  • Chile: provides opportunities for education and employment.
  • Peru: an accessible destination for Colombian students.
  • Mexico: Provides study options and a rich cultural experience.


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