SAccording to the news agency France-Presse (AFP), which cites the detainee’s family, the trial is expected to begin on Sunday and is related to an audio message that the activist shared, in April, with supporters from the prison where has been detained since the end of 2021, in which she denounced a “large-scale war against women” in the Islamic Republic.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office accused her of “propaganda against the regime” and Iranian judicial authorities did not comment on the case.

Also according to the family, Mohammadi argued that the trial should be open to the public so that “witnesses and survivors can testify to the sexual assaults committed by the Islamic Republic regime against women” in Iranian prisons.

In her message, the activist and journalist detained in Evine prison, in Tehran, urged Iranian women to share the facts about their detentions and sexual assaults perpetrated by authorities on social media.

He cited the case of Dina Ghalibaf, a journalist and student who, according to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), was detained after accusing security forces, on social media, of handcuffing and sexually assaulting her during a previous detention. Ghalibaf was later released.

In recent weeks, Iranian authorities have intensified repression against women, notably through the use of video surveillance. Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, women in Iran have been required to observe a strict dress code, including wearing the veil in public places.

Detained since November 2021, Mohammadi has not seen her husband and twin children, who have lived in Paris for several years. The 52-year-old activist has been repeatedly convicted and imprisoned over the past 25 years for her campaign against the mandatory wearing of the veil by women and the death penalty.

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