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Puree is one of the essential recipes of French gastronomy. Recently, we shared with you chef Jean Sulpice’s secret for original mashed potatoes. If the chef has taken the time to make homemade mashed potatoes, many consumers turn to quicker alternatives. Powdered puree is particularly well known for being a very easy preparation to make in express form. In fact, some people are not fans of the taste and texture of this puree and therefore prefer the ready-made purees offered in the fresh section. But is this really a good idea? A doctor responded.

On Instagram, nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen was interested in a product particularly appreciated by consumers: the puree already ready in the fresh section of supermarkets.

Contrary to popular belief, this product has several advantages. His strong point? This puree is “canned”, that is to say that it is preserved under vacuum, which allows it to be kept for longer. A preservation method that avoids the use of additives. Jean-Michel Cohen has listed the ingredients of one of the typical products. Verdict? “58% potatoes, semi-skimmed milk and Emmental” but 0 additives. “We are on simple products” says the expert.

Another little plus of canning: the nutritional value is not affected and the puree does not lose its health benefits. In fact, the doctor specifies “there is no loss of vitamins”. Thus, we benefit from the virtues of the potato. The specialist recalls that this vegetable contains no less than 14 mg of vitamins and especially B vitamins except vitamin B12.

So, “it’s not a problem to take them canned”. You can therefore opt for this alternative, although Jean-Michel Cohen specifies that “nothing excludes doing them yourself”. We guarantee you, there is nothing easier.


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