A group of scientists discovered a geological fault that would cause the Earth to split in two. Apparently, the phenomenon is occurring in the tectonic plates that divide the Asian continent.

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What is happening on Earth?

Deep in the Himalayas, a team of geoscientists identified the worrying geological fault. This finding is based on the observation of the tectonic plates that divide Asia, specifically in the Tibet region.where a phenomenon of tearing and delamination of the lithospheric mantle has been detected.

The research, titled ‘Tearing and delamination of the Indian lithospheric mantle during flat plate subduction’suggests that due to the same density of the Indian and Eurasian plates, The collision between the two could result in the fragmentation of the Hindu region.

Unlike usual breaks that are usually vertical, this fault has occurred across the width, which indicates an atypical type of rupture.

The implications of such a breakthrough are significant, with a potential increase in the number of earthquakes and a fissure in the Asian plateau known as Cona Sangri, which could be an indicator of a more serious fault.

The tectonic plate that supports the Tibetan Plateau is the superficial part, while the lowest section sinks into the Earth’s mantle approximately 33 kilometers deep.

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While the scientific community continues to monitor this situation, the world watches cautiously. Are we on the verge of a monumental tectonic shift? Only time and additional research will reveal the true magnitude of this tear in the Earth’s heart.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/la-tierra-se-esta-partiendo-en-dos-advierten-sobre-una-posible-falla-geologica-so35

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