Dince the unprecedented attack against Israel by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, an organization that is considered terrorist by the United States and the European Union, there has been a massive increase in violence and forced displacement by Israeli forces and settlers across the West Bank, highlighted the non-governmental organization (NGO) in a statement.

“Our teams have responded with trauma care, mental health support and essential donations to displaced communities,” highlighted MSF.

In Jenin alone, during October, Israeli forces killed 30 people and injured at least 162 others, according to data from Palestinian authorities cited by the NGO.

In the province of Hebron, in the south of the West Bank, violence involving Israeli forces and settlers, forced displacements and restrictions on popular movements have had an impact on all aspects of Palestinians’ daily lives, this organization warned.

Since October 7, at least 111 Palestinian families, comprising around 905 people, have had no choice but to leave their homes in the West Bank due to violence and intimidation by Israeli forces and settlers, according to the UN, this NGO pointed out.

Additionally, around 6,000 Gazans who had jobs in Israel before the war, but whose work permits have since been cancelled, are now living in displacement centers across the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Labor. , said MSF

According to the NGO, witnesses reported that they were beaten, humiliated and abused while detained by Israeli forces in the weeks since October 7, the day of the attack that prompted Israel’s response, which declared war on Hamas by bombing several of the group’s infrastructures in the Strip. of Gaza and imposed a total siege on the territory, cutting off water, fuel and electricity supplies.

Amnesty International (AI) also warned today, in a statement, that the Israeli authorities “increased the use of administrative detention of Palestinians throughout the occupied West Bank”.

“This is a form of arbitrary detention, without charge or trial and which can be renewed indefinitely. Furthermore, the country’s authorities have extended emergency measures that facilitate the inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners and have not investigated cases of torture and death under custody in the last four weeks”, highlighted AI.

This NGO reported, publishing data from the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, that since October 7th, Israeli forces have detained more than 2,200 Palestinians (men and women).

Data from the Israeli human rights organization HaMoked reveals that, between October 1 and November 1, the total number of Palestinians in administrative detention, without charge or trial, increased from 1,319 to 2,070, he also pointed out.

Israeli authorities said that since October 7, four Palestinian detainees have died in Israeli detention facilities, AI highlighted, noting that these deaths occurred “in circumstances that have not yet been investigated impartially”.

AI also revealed interviews with 12 people, including six inmates who have since been released, three family members of inmates and three lawyers specializing in human rights working with the recent arrests.

A recently released Palestinian detainee told AI on condition of anonymity that he was subjected by Israeli interrogators “to severe beatings that left him with bruises and three broken ribs.”

Heba Morayef, AI’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, highlighted that “the summary executions and hostage taking by Hamas and other armed groups on October 7 are war crimes and must be condemned as such, but the Israeli authorities must not use these attacks to justify their own illegal attacks and collective punishment of civilians in the Gaza Strip and the use of torture, arbitrary detention and other violations of the rights of Palestinian prisoners.”

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