“NIn recent weeks, the 551st Brigade of the 162nd Division has secured control of the Jabalia camp area, one of Hamas’ operational centers in the Gaza Strip,” said an Israeli military statement.

The operations included “fierce battles” during which “many terrorists were killed by soldiers” and hundreds of weapons located, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said.

The bodies found correspond to those of three soldiers captured on October 7, Ziv Dado, Ron Sherman and Nick Beiser, as well as civilians Eden Zacharias and Elia Toledano.

“As part of the operation, and following advanced information from the Secret Services (…), a network of strategic tunnels that served as Hamas headquarters in northern Gaza was exposed,” the Israeli Army said.

The underground base at Jabalia included two levels: the first about ten meters deep and the second tens of meters deep.

“The network of tunnels, with numerous routes, was used to direct the combat and movement of terrorists. Weapons, infrastructure for manufacturing weapons and emergency hiding places were found deep inside the military barracks,” the military statement added.

Regarding the discovery of the bodies of those kidnapped in the tunnels, the Army indicated that the information had already been given to the families, to whom they offered condolences.

The most recent conflict between Israel and Hamas was triggered after a bloody and unprecedented attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement on Israeli territory on October 7.

In total, 1,140 people, mostly civilians, were killed that day, according to a count by the AFP news agency based on the latest official Israeli figures. Around 240 civilians and military personnel were kidnapped, with Israel indicating that 127 remain in Gaza.

In retaliation, Israel, which promised to destroy the Palestinian Islamist movement, has been bombing the Gaza Strip since October 7, where, according to the local government led by Hamas, close to 20,500 people have already been killed – mostly women, children and teenagers – – and injured more than 52 thousand, most of them civilians, destroyed most of the infrastructure and close to 1.9 million forced to abandon their homes, almost the entire population of the enclave.

The population of the Gaza Strip is also faced with an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, due to the collapse of hospitals, the outbreak of epidemics and shortages of drinking water, food, medicine and electricity. Since October 7, more than 280 Palestinians have also been killed by the Israeli Army and by settler attacks in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, occupied by the Jewish State, in addition to more than 4,000 detained.

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