Nin one of the photos you can see the body of a bloodied child in a body bag and, in the other two, charred human remains of what appear to be two babies, according to the images that have already been published on the social network X (formerly Twitter) and that the Notícias ao Minuto chooses not to reproduce.

“This vision goes beyond what we can imagine for anyone”commented the head of North American diplomacy, adding that “the world sees new evidence of (…) Hamas’ inhumanity (…) directed against babies, young children, adults, the elderly, people with disabilities”.

A controversy began in recent days surrounding the existence of evidence of abuse committed by Hamas against children from attacked ‘kibbutz’ (former collectivist agricultural villages), after a soldier told a television channel that there had been situations of “beheaded babies “.

Fighting in some communities lasted several days and resulted in hundreds of deaths and there is still an undetermined number of people to be identified or recovered.

The Islamist group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israeli territory on Saturday, called operation “Storm al-Aqsa”, with the launch of thousands of rockets and the incursion of armed militiamen by land, sea and air.

In response to the surprise attack, Israel bombed several Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip from the air, in an operation called “Iron Swords”.

Israel declared total war and promised to punish Hamas like never before, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declaring he was “at war” with the Palestinian group.

Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007 and is classified as a “terrorist group” by the European Union (EU), the United States and Israel.

Official data on fatalities from the conflict triggered by the Islamist group on Saturday point to 1,300 deaths in Israel and 1,354 in the Gaza Strip, official sources from both parties indicated today.

In addition to the 1,300 deaths in Israel, and according to the latest data from the Israeli Ministry of Health, 3,268 people were hospitalized, of which 28 were in critical condition, 348 in serious condition and 581 in moderate condition.

On the Gaza side, says the Palestinian Ministry of Health, in addition to the deaths of 1,354 people, many of them civilians, there were 6,049 injured in different states, as well as 31 deaths in the West Bank, where around 180 injured were also counted.

According to Israeli army spokesman Richard Hecht, in addition to the number of deaths on both sides, around 1,000 Hamas militiamen were killed during clashes with security forces in Israeli territory, where sporadic fighting continues, with five militiamen were killed on Wednesday.

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