O The army continues “to prepare for the expansion of the war and to go on the offensive” against Hezbollah, supported by Iran, said General Ori Gordin, quoted by The Times of Israel.

Gordin addressed the security situation on the border in a meeting with mayors and representatives of communities in northern Israel that had to be relocated due to the exchange of fire with Hezbollah.

In a statement, he stated that the army’s objective is to “bring about a change” in the situation to facilitate the return of area residents to their homes “with a feeling of security”.

The residents of the north are “our reason to continue, the backbone of the achievements we have achieved in the region so far”, he said.

Attacks between Israel and Hezbollah have been ongoing on both sides of the border since the start of the Gaza offensive in response to the October 7 attacks by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

As a result, around 80,000 people were internally displaced in the north, joining those displaced in the south, following the attack by Palestinian militias.

“The army will continue to undermine Hezbollah’s capabilities,” Gordin said during the meeting according to the Israeli newspaper, cited by the Spanish agency Europa Press.

The Times of Israel reported today that Hezbollah fired at least 30 rockets from Lebanon into northern Israel on Thursday, causing no casualties.

The shots occurred hours after an attack by an Israeli drone (unmanned aerial device) in the city of Nabatieh, in southern Lebanon, which reportedly hit two Hezbollah operatives, including a top commander.

A Lebanese security source said on Thursday night that a Hezbollah military commander was seriously injured, as was the person accompanying him in a vehicle hit by a missile fired from the drone.

The drone attack was reportedly a reprisal for a previous Hezbollah attack on a military base, which left three Israeli soldiers injured, one of them seriously.

In four months, 227 people, mostly Hezbollah fighters but also 27 civilians, three of them journalists, were killed in southern Lebanon, according to a count by the French news agency AFP.

On the Israeli side, 15 people were killed, according to the army.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2499117/israel-prepara-se-para-expansao-da-guerra-contra-o-hezbollah

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