EThis was another day of hostilities on the border between the two countries, which is seeing the biggest exchange of fire since 2006, reported the Spanish agency Efe.

“Yesterday (Friday), Israel Defense Forces fighter jets attacked a military command center and a military installation in Lebanon used by Hezbollah’s air defense unit,” according to a military statement.

The Army indicated that the air raid sirens were activated today in northern Israel due to a false alarm, but last Friday they sounded repeatedly throughout almost the entire day, after Hezbollah launched two shots of around thirty rockets. ” against Israel, in addition to other projectiles.

Combat planes last Friday bombed a military position in Maroun El Ras, “where Hezbollah terrorists operated”, as well as three military complexes in the cities of Yohmor and Naqoura, after attacking “terrorist infrastructures” in Meiss el Jabal in last Thursday night, the Israeli Army reported on Friday, which intensified attacks in southern Lebanon to remove Hezbollah’s military presence from the border.

The dividing line is experiencing its highest peak of tension since 2006, when Israel and Hezbollah fought a war, a peak of tension that began on October 8, one day after the war in Gaza that was triggered after Hamas’ brutal attack on the ground Israeli.

This intense exchange of fire claimed the lives of at least 252 people in more than four months, most of them on the Lebanese side and in the ranks of Hezbollah, which confirmed around 184 victims, some of them in Syria.

In Israel, 18 people died on the northern border, 12 soldiers and 6 civilians. In Lebanon, around 234 people died, including around 25 members of Palestinian militias, a soldier and 24 civilians – including three children and three journalists – as well as Hezbollah militiamen.

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