EIn a statement, the IDF stressed that it had received alerts regarding “the infiltration of hostile aircraft into northern Israel”, and interceptors had been launched “against a series of suspected aerial targets that crossed from Lebanon towards the Western Galilee”.

“The incident has been concluded,” the Israeli forces assured.

Earlier, the IDF hit an anti-tank missile launcher along the border with Lebanon.

The note further highlighted that Israeli forces were carrying out attacks against Hezbollah terrorist targets in Lebanon.

Hezbollah explained, in a statement, that its fighters fired two guided missiles in the early afternoon against a house located on the outskirts of Manara, inside which a group of troops belonging to Israeli military intelligence were located.

According to the note, cited by the Efe agency, the impact caused “deaths or injuries” in the Israeli ranks, although it did not specify how many or provide further details.

This is an “initial response” to the action “by the Zionist enemy against journalists from the Al Mayadin channel” and against other civilians, as well as a new show of support for the population of Gaza and their “honorable resistance”, stated the Lebanese armed movement.

Reporter Farah Omar and cameraman Rabie al Maamari died this morning in southern Lebanon, just a week after the Israeli Security Cabinet vetoed the channel’s broadcasts, considering that they “serve the interests of Israel’s enemies” .

Al Mayadin has a pro-Iranian editorial line and is considered supportive of Hezbollah.

On October 13, a similar incident also attributed to the Israeli Army in the Alma al Shaab area (southern Lebanon) killed a Reuters camera operator and injured other journalists from the same agency, France’s AFP and Qatar’s Al Jazeera channel. .

Since the start of the crossfire with Hezbollah six weeks ago, the Jewish State has also been accused of launching projectiles that fell just meters from a group of journalists in Lebanese territory or of shooting at a vehicle belonging to Iranian media outlets.

On October 7, fighters from the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) — in power in the Gaza Strip since 2007 and classified as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel — carried out an attack of unprecedented dimensions on Israeli territory. since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, causing 1,200 deaths, mostly civilians, around 5,000 injured and more than 200 hostages.

In retaliation, Israel declared a war to “eradicate” Hamas, which began with cuts to food, water, electricity and fuel supplies in the Gaza Strip and daily bombings, followed by a ground offensive that surrounded Gaza City.

The war between Israel and Hamas, which today entered its 46th day and continues to threaten to spread throughout the Middle East region, has so far left more than 14,000 dead in the Gaza Strip, most of them civilians, and more than 30,000 injured , according to the most recent report from local authorities, and 1.7 million displaced people, according to the UN.

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