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Fancy a quesadilla party? After his gazpacho recipe or his vitello tonnato recipe, Chef Norbert Tarayre gives us his best tips for making this Mexican preparation in record time! Fasten your seatbelts, we’re off on a gourmet getaway to Central America. Well, Norbert Tarayre’s version since the recipe is still very revisited to make an XL version to share. Spoiler alert: the chef uses two pizza doughs for his recipe. You’ll see, the result will make your mouth water!

Originating from Central America, this great classic of Tex-Mex cuisine is said to have been invented after the arrival of Spanish settlers in Mexico in the 16th century. Traditionally prepared with corn or wheat tortillas, and filled with cheese and peppers, this Mexican flatbread has seen its recipe evolve over the centuries, so much so that it is sometimes even found in a sweet version. In this case, the vegetables are generally replaced by chocolate, caramel or slices of fruit.


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