OPassengers on the Latam Airlines flight that had “technical problems”, leaving ten passengers and three crew injured, described what happened to the press.

The trip started in Sydney, Australia, and continued to Auckland, New Zealand, and when there was about an hour left to land, there was a “very strong movement”, according to what the airline described.

Priscilla Waller-Subritzky, who was on the plane, told The New Zealand Herald that she was watching a film when everything happened and that the plane lost altitude and “some passengers and crew were ‘thrown’ to the roof of the plane”.

“I went into fight mode and started helping wherever I could because the crew were injured and couldn’t help,” she recalled, explaining that it was only when the adrenaline wore off that she also felt that she had been affected and was in a lot of pain – having been assisted by health authorities.

Authorities treated around 50 people, including one person with serious injuries, according to the most recent report.

In the same publication, another passenger said that in 15 years of flying, he had never had an experience like this. “The plane dived very dramatically for 30 seconds and about 30 people hit the roof.”explained Daniel.

The man further explained that people were screaming and that it was difficult to distinguish certain things, such as, for example, whether what had spilled onto the plane was red wine or blood.

“No one really knew what happened until we landed, and I tried to keep everyone calmer. We never heard any announcement from the captain,” said Brian Jokat.

Another passenger also described the situation, explaining that he was not one of the people most affected because he had his belt on. “There was no turbulence, we were traveling smoothly,” he said, stressing: “It wasn’t one of those situations where there is turbulence and you ‘drop’ a little. We simply fell.”

Jokat also said that he couldn’t quite believe the situation when it happened, much less when he saw a passenger who was left on the roof. “I thought I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and he was on the ceiling looking at me. It felt like ‘The Exorcist’”compared.

According to what Jokat said, this man then fell to the floor of the plane and broke some ribs and an arm.

Valentina, another passenger, described the situation as “scary”. “There was blood on the ceiling and people ‘flying’”he explained.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2519360/parecia-o-exorcista-o-que-dizem-os-passageiros-do-voo-da-latam

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