In Luján, a city in Argentina, it occurred the brutal feminicide of Natalia Manuela Galardo, a 33-year-old woman who was stabbed in front of her 4 children. The authorities arrested his partner, who is the main suspect.

According to what was revealed by the media TN, the subject, 27 years old and who has a history of acts of violence, murdered the woman during a heated argument that allegedly started because he hacked her phone cell phone and discovered messages from third parties.

The incident took place inside a home that the victim rented while he finished building his own house. According to the first investigations, the first detained today He hit her and later stabbed her in the neck and chest.

After seeing his mother’s body lying there, the victim’s youngest son alerted the Police, who soon arrived at the scene.

The victim’s relatives were unaware that she was in a relationship with the man detained today. Regarding the captured person, it emerged that he had a history of gender violence and that a few days before the crime he had been fired from his job for “bad behaviors”.

The subject, who would have fled after committing the femicide, was captured by the authorities in the middle of a large security device.

Lines to report sexual or domestic violence in Colombia

  • Purple Line in Bogotá 018000 112137, WhatsApp 3007551846 or by writing to the email [email protected]
  • National Line: 155
  • National Police: 123
  • Attorney General’s Office Line: 122
  • Colombian Institute of Family Welfare: 018000 918080
  • Protection Line for boys, girls and adolescents: 141


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