NAt an ANSA forum, Italy’s Foreign Minister and leader of the center-right, post-Berlusconi party Forza Italia (FI) argued that “Putin is leading a hybrid war and trying to influence the European elections, trying to divide the West”.

“But we are all united in the defense of Ukraine”, assured Tajani, adding that “NATO’s unity is not at risk”.

“Having said that, we want peace”, stressed Tajani, who reiterated that Italy only supports the use of the weapons it supplies for defense on Ukrainian territory.

Also today, Tajani had already commented on Putin’s words from Wednesday about Italy being less ‘Russophobic’ compared to other Western countries.

“We don’t have to be aligned with anyone: at most, it is others who are not aligned with us”, said the official on Mediaset television, guaranteeing that the “European Union and NATO are united in the defense of Ukraine”.

Putin had responded to a question from the ANSA news agency, at a meeting with the press, saying that Italy’s position (in relation to Russia) “is more moderate than that of other European countries and we take that into consideration”.

“We hope that when the situation in Ukraine begins to stabilize, we will be able to restore relations with Italy, perhaps more quickly than with other countries,” he added.

Tajani also stated that he is in favor of Italy recognizing a Palestinian state, but only when its borders are defined.

He added that the first shipments of containers are about to leave for “Food for Gaza”, an initiative that Italy is leading to bring food aid to Palestinian civilians in work with United Nations institutions.

The ongoing war in the Gaza Strip was triggered by the attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7, which caused around 1,200 deaths and more than two hundred hostages, according to Tel Aviv.

In response, Israel launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip that has killed another 36,000 people, according to local authorities controlled by Hamas.

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