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You have probably already heard about sugar hidden in prepared meals, fruit juices, industrial sauces… but did you know that baguettes are also affected? Here’s how much sugar, the one that accompanies us for breakfast, snack and sometimes even during dinner, contains.

What do you need to prepare white bread? Water, salt, yeast… and refined wheat flour. It is to this that we owe the high sugar content of white bread. It is in fact starch, the main element of flour, a complex sugar, which is in question. There are no less than 25 lumps of sugar hidden in a 250 g baguette.

In addition to being very sweet, health professionals agree that white bread is far from having good nutritional value. The refinement process that flour undergoes, before being used by bakers, removes the majority of its fibers, vitamins and minerals. Clearly, white bread tastes good but it has no positive effect on your health, quite the contrary.

Although white bread contains a lot of sugar, this is not a reason to boycott the baguette forever. There are indeed many other types of bread. To combine pleasure and good health, turn to breads made from rye, spelled, rice, corn, buckwheat flours, etc. If you still want to stick with wheat flour bread, choose wholemeal flour or whole wheat flour.

Another tip: you can also start making your own bread. You will no longer have any doubts as to the composition of the latter, and you will even have the possibility of embellishing it according to your desires.


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