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Smoothies are an ideal alternative to stock up on necessary nutrients. In order to benefit from their virtues, it is essential to turn to the right fruits and vegetables. Indeed, certain foods have real benefits. A gastroenterologist recently revealed on Instagram his “secret weapon” to improve your smoothies and benefit from their health benefits.

Gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz shared his miracle ingredient for a smoothie that helps improve gut health. Which ? No question of spinach or cabbage, for him, the best choice to make is… Broccoli and more particularly the broccoli shoot which represents the first young green shoots which appear once the broccoli seed has germinated. The expert thus recognizes: “I’m completely obsessed with putting broccoli sprouts in my smoothie: it’s my secret weapon.”

But why ? According to him, “Broccoli sprouts release a photochemical compound called sulforaphane, which gives them a bitter taste.” But that’s not all, in addition to its bitter taste, this food has a beneficial substance for health: “Sulforaphane is absolutely amazing. It heals the gut, reduces inflammation.” and is ideal for intestinal health. It also detoxifies the body, helps with digestive and liver health and provides tone and energy.

And if you are wondering why not opt ​​directly for ripe broccoli, the explanation is simple: the quantity of sulforaphanes is higher in the sprouts than when the vegetable is ripe.

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In addition to broccoli sprouts, the doctor recommends adding blueberries which provide good bacteria to the intestine, as well as bananas. Finally, for milk, he recommends soy milk, because “Research has suggested that soy milk induces beneficial changes in the gut microbiome, increasing the level of bifidobacteria” which help with digestion.


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