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It’s a simple and delicious way to use up leftover Sunday roast chicken, for example! On RTL, Cyril Lignac has revealed a tasty anti-waste recipe. “When we have eaten the roast chicken, we still have the carcass, and on the carcass, there is still meat, and so with that, we are going to make a broth!”, suggested the chef. This is a very good idea, and you will see, nothing could be simpler to achieve!

Once you have the broth, you have two options. “Either you keep it like that, and it’s a nice parfait, you put some little pasta in it, and it makes a super light brothexplains Cyril Lignac, or, the second thing is to add coconut milk, and make it travel like a Thai broth.” To reinforce this impression of a culinary change of scenery, the chef recommends adding red pepper paste, a few pieces of potatoes, as well as leftover shredded chicken. “We don’t throw anything awayhe insists, It’s truly upcycled cooking and I love it!


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