NIn her retirement speech in South Carolina, Haley did not declare her support for Trump, preferring instead to encourage the former president to seek the support of the coalition of moderate Republicans and independent voters who supported his candidacy.

“It’s now up to Donald Trump to win the votes of those in our party and others who didn’t support him. And I hope he does,” said the former diplomat.

“At its best, politics is about bringing people to your causes, not rejecting them. And our conservative cause urgently needs more people,” Haley argued.

Haley — former governor of South Carolina and former UN ambassador — was Trump’s first significant rival when she entered the primary race in February 2023.

His abandonment allows Trump to focus solely on his likely repeat of the duel with the current Democratic president, Joe Biden, after the latter also left his internal rivals in the shadows, with significant victories on “Super Tuesday”.

Haley’s defeat is a painful, if predictable, blow to voters, donors and Republican Party officials who opposed Trump and who belong to the more conservative and radical sector.

Haley was especially popular among moderate and college-educated voters, constituencies that are likely to play a key role in the general election.

Haley exits the 2024 presidential race having made history as the first woman to win a Republican primary contest, having defeated Trump in the District of Columbia on Sunday and in Vermont on Tuesday.

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