“HToday we witnessed this attack. I know there were victims. There are dead and injured,” said the Ukrainian President, without giving further details, during a joint press conference with the Greek Prime Minister, according to the Ukrinform agency.

The Russians “don’t want to know where they attack,” added Zelensky, who frequently moves around the country despite threats of attack.

“No final [da visita às instalações portuárias], we heard the sound of anti-aircraft sirens and explosions very close to us. We didn’t have time to take shelter,” Mitsotakis said after the bombing, describing it as “an impressive experience.”

The port of Odessa is vital for Ukrainian grain exports across the Black Sea.

According to Mitsotakis, Zelensky explained the efforts being made “to restore and reinforce the Ukrainian sea route”, which has allowed the export of 28 million tons of cereals since the end of the trade agreement with Russia in July 2023.

In August last year, Kiev unilaterally announced the creation of a route to export its cereals, despite Russian threats of retaliation against ships entering and leaving Ukrainian ports.

The Greek Prime Minister stressed that “this war affects everyone and spares no one”.

The two leaders participated in a ceremony to pay tribute to the 12 victims, including five children, of the recent Russian attack on a residential area in Odessa, last weekend.

The Greek prime minister’s visit to Odessa, Ukraine’s fourth largest city, was not officially announced, as with most visits by international leaders to the country, for security reasons.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2515997/russia-ataca-odessa-durante-visita-de-zelensky-e-primeiro-ministro-grego

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