O The Japanese government will export the Patriot missile systems, namely the PAC-2 batteries, which mainly intercept aircraft and cruise missiles, as well as the PAC-3 systems, which intercept ballistic missiles, to the United States, which holds the license for the equipment, state broadcaster NHK reported.

Firstly, Japan will send the systems that are part of the arsenal of the Japanese Self Defense Forces and, from the beginning of the year, begin large-scale coordination with the North American side in order to send more equipment.

On Friday, the Japanese Government gave the green light to a reform of the regulations governing exports of military equipment and technology, easing restrictions, which will allow it to approve cooperation projects with allied nations for the shipment of finished lethal products, something banned until now.

Until the review, Japan only authorized the sending of equipment components to the United States, but now it will be able to export finished defense equipment, produced with foreign licenses, to countries that hold the patents.

“In an increasingly harsh security environment, the Japan-US alliance plays an essential role in ensuring the security of Japan and the peace and stability of the international community, including in the Indo-Pacific region,” the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. , in a statement.

Tokyo justified the missile deployment as beneficial to Japan’s security and, as it will be operated exclusively by the United States, “there is a high degree of certainty that it will be correctly managed”, according to the same note.

The new export controls continue to prevent the Asian country from sending weapons to countries at war, although it authorizes shipment to countries that hold the patent, as is the case with the Patriot system, while transfer to a third nation will require authorization from Tokyo .

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2468120/japao-vai-exportar-sistemas-de-misseis-patriot-para-os-estados-unidos

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