The Englishman John Tinniswood became the oldest man in the world this Friday, at 111 years and 223 days, after the death of the Venezuelan Juan Vicente Pérez Mora at the age of 114.

According to Tinniswood, The secret to living to old ages is “simple luck”: “You either live long or you live little, and you can’t do much about it.”

Asked about his diet upon receiving the title from the official adjudicator of the Guinness record, Megan Bruce, he assured that he does not follow any specific diet, although he acknowledged that every Friday he eats ‘fish and chips’, the iconic British battered fish dish. with French fries.

In that sense, he considered that the key to maintaining health is moderation, since, in his opinion, “if you do too much of something in particular, you will end up suffering.”

This Englishman was born in Liverpool on August 26, 1912 and currently lives in a residence in the coastal town of Southport, northwest of England.

A supporter of Liverpool FC, founded only twenty years before his birth, he has experienced the team’s eight victories in the FA Cup and 17 of its 19 titles in the English league.

In addition to being the oldest man in the world, the Englishman is also the oldest veteran of World War II, in which he participated as an administrator of the Army Pay Corps at the age of 27.

After the war he also worked in the administration sector for the oil companies Shell and BP, until he retired in 1972.

After meeting Blodwen during a dance in Liverpool, he married her in 1942, a marriage that lasted for 44 years, until her death in 1986, and with which he formed a family in which he now has four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. .

He always recommends that new generations do “the best they can, whether learning something or teaching someone,” in a world that he considers constantly changing, but going in a good direction.

Tinniswood holds the Guinness World Record after the death of Venezuelan Juan Vicente Pérez Mora on April 2, almost two months before his 115th birthday.

Holding the record for the oldest woman — and person — in the world is the Spanish María Branyas Moreira, who has just turned 117 years old.


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