Already in the fourth minute of the game between Werder Bremen and FC Bayern, the rather mediocre interpretation of the national anthem performed by the band “BossHoss” before the game was completely forgotten.

Because in that minute, the extra class of the new star striker Harry Kane flashed for the first time in the Bundesliga. The Englishman dropped into his own half and put the ball perfectly through Leroy SanĂ©’s run. He then had a clear path and scored for the early Bayern lead.

Kane makes Bayern better, but they are not masters yet

For moments like this, Kane has been brought in for well over 100 million euros. To show in certain situations that his individual class raises the record champions’ game to another level. However, Munich were superior to Bremen as a result, but shots from afar (Musiala, 19′, Mazraoui, 21′) repeatedly created real danger.

The problem of the first half was the lack of occupation in the penalty area. Because Kane is used to walking long distances from his long time at Tottenham, distributing the ball himself and thus only getting into the last third late.

The individual class is higher with Bayern on the offensive, which is why Kane will certainly need a few more weeks to completely change his game. Nevertheless, it was already very good to see how the English national team captain got involved in the combination game with his teammates around Jamal Musiala.

The second half reveals Munich’s weaknesses at the beginning

However, the beginning of the second half showed how fragile the Bayern structure still is. Bremen came out of the dressing room with a lot more momentum and Leo Bittencourt (49′) was on hand to equalize. Thomas Tuchel’s team didn’t calm down in the minutes that followed either.

An open exchange of blows developed – until the 74th minute. At that moment, Kane showed that, in addition to being a preparer, he also had significantly better finishing qualities. The 30-year-old shot the good Werder goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka freely from 14 meters and pushed in to decide.

Leadership initiated, decision concerned – an almost perfect Bundesliga start for Kane. The fact that Munich then increased the result further, in the form of goals by SanĂ© (84th) and Mathys Tel (90th + 4), should not hide the fact that the performance was not really masterful.

Especially since the record champions met Werder Bremen, who were fighting very hard but were very limited in terms of play. Nevertheless, the start of a successful Bundesliga season has been made. Also for Harry Kane.


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