O Leader of the United States House of Representatives, Republican Kevin McCarthy, was removed this Tuesday, becoming the first leader to be removed from office in the history of that country.

In the vote, which ended with 216 votes in favor of the decision and 210 against, forced by a contingent formed by the most right wing of the Republican Party, the Chamber of Representatives (lower house) approved the “removal motion”, with the Democrats supporting join the radical right.

Eight Republicans from the most radical part of the party voted against the leader and sided with 208 Democrats, sealing McCarthy’s removal from office.

The historic vote underscores the deep divisions within the Republican party that threaten to usher in a new era of dysfunction in Washington. The Chamber cannot carry out legislative work until a new president is elected.

The revolt against McCarthy was led by Matt Gaetz, the Republican congressman from Florida, who decided to act after the speaker of the lower house reached a deal with Democrats to keep the federal government functional rather than risk a shutdown (‘shut down’ ).

On Tuesday morning, Democratic leadership dismissed suggestions that they would help McCarthy maintain power, advising their members to “vote yes” to remove the speaker of the House of Representatives.

The next steps are uncertain, but there is no obvious successor to lead the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, reveals the Associated Press (AP).

McCarthy will be replaced on an interim basis by fellow Republican Patrick McHenry, representative of North Carolina’s 10th district.

The regulations of the Chamber of Deputies establish that it is the president of the Chamber who must draw up a list of possible replacements if his position is declared empty. This list will only be made public if this situation occurs and the chosen one acts on an interim basis until the election of the new leader.

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