O North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is due to visit Russia in September to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the New York Times. It will be a rare departure for the North Korean outside the country’s borders.

The US newspaper claims, citing US military sources, that Kim plans to negotiate with the Russian president over the supply of weapons to Russia, which has long sought to promote relations with Pyongyang and increase the weaponry available to fight in Ukraine. .

With the confirmation of the negotiations, the accusations of NATO allies, namely the United States, which have long pointed the finger at North Korea for sending weapons to be used in eastern Ukraine, are also confirmed.

Kim Jong-un must travel from the North Korean capital, traveling by armed train to Vladivostok, located on the distant Pacific coast of Russia. There is also the possibility that Kim will go to Moscow, but this has not been confirmed.

US officials explained that Putin intends to buy, in particular, heavy artillery and anti-tank munitions, while North Korea is interested in technology for satellites – which they have only recently tried to send into space, without success, unnerving and worrying the Japanese – and nuclear-powered submarines. In addition, adds the NYT, the dictatorial regime in Pyongyang wants more food assistance for its undernourished population, after times of environmental crisis, pandemic and oppression placed by the regime itself.

Leaders are expected to meet on the campus of the Federal University of Vladivostok, for an economic forum scheduled for September 10-13, add sources to the Times.

The news comes after, last Wednesday, the White House warned that Putin and Kim Jong-un were exchanging letters about a possible nuclear deal. The spokesperson, John Kirby, came to believe that talks between both countries were “advancing actively”.

It also comes after months in which NATO allies accused North Korea, and Iran, of supplying Russia with weapons to combat its invasion of Ukraine, and to try to complement its arsenal, which has demonstrated its inability to subdue the Ukrainians.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2392941/kim-jong-un-deve-ir-a-russia-este-mes-para-negociacoes-com-putin

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