O Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov downplayed the investigation carried out by the Pentagon which revealed that the mysterious illness suffered in recent years by US diplomatic, political and security personnel, dubbed ‘Havana syndrome’, is allegedly caused by activities secrets promoted by Russia.

“This is not a new topic; for many years the so-called ‘Havana syndrome’ was exaggerated in the press and from the beginning it was linked to accusations against the Russian side”, Dmitry Peskov began by telling journalists this Monday, quoted by the Reuters agency.

However, the Kremlin spokesman added that “no one has published or expressed any convincing evidence of these unfounded accusations anywhere”, so, in his view, they are just “unfounded accusations from the press”.

It should be noted that the cause now advanced for the disease, so called due to its initial incidence in Cuba, contradicts Washington’s official version.

Dozens of people suffered a range of symptoms that medical experts attributed to ultrasounds or microwaves of unknown origin. The reports began to raise suspicions in 2016, when diplomats and employees at US embassies in several countries suffered severe episodes of migraines, nausea and even brain injuries.

As it was thought that the origin would be in Havana, where there were most complaints, the United States withdrew a large part of its personnel from the country, but reports quickly began to emerge in other countries such as China, Germany, Russia, Australia and even in Washington.

Although no plausible reason for the incidents was found at the time, the US Congress approved, in 2021, the so-called Havana Law, which authorized the State Department, the CIA and other government agencies to compensate employees affected by the illness during diplomatic missions.

An investigation published in 2023 concluded that it was “very unlikely” that the cases were the work of a foreign state, although no alternative theory has been put forward and this wave of “anomalous medical incidents”.

Now, another investigation, of which one of the main responsible is the United States Department of Defense, and which was published today by the media outlets The Insider, Der Spiegel and CBS, states that the origin of the disease is in Moscow.

The study also states that, contrary to what was thought, the first cases may not have happened in Havana in 2016, but rather before.

“There were probably attacks two years earlier, such as in Frankfurt, Germany, when a US government employee working at the local consulate lost consciousness after feeling like he was hit by a kind of energy beam,” says the investigation.

One of the authors of the analysis, Greg Edgreen, states that the “Russian nexus” is the common denominator in all cases, and the Russian authorities have even rewarded a unit of their military intelligence services, 29155, for its good work in this question.

Members of this group will have been in all the places where attacks were reported, also coinciding with these incidents, states the published journalistic information.

According to Edgreen, the American investigators themselves set a standard that was too demanding to be able to launch a formal accusation against Moscow because, among other reasons, this would imply facing some “inconvenient truths”, such as that the United States had failed to protect of your staff.

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