The Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, spoke out after the revelations of the Caracol News Investigative Unit regarding the presence of spies from that country in Colombia and Chile to persecute opponents and military deserters.

In a rather angry tone, Saab used the X account of the Venezuelan Public Ministry to write the following: “I denounce Caracol Televisión for participating in a media operation to disqualify all the work we have done together with the security forces to dismantle these conspiracies, which has prevented the destabilization of the country.”

The Venezuelan prosecutor also spoke in an appearance before the media, where he described the Noticias Caracol report as “dumps” and “scum.”

“It is striking, but not surprising, that a Colombian television station, the Caracol television station, wanted Ángelo Heredia and his accomplices. That is why I denounce how Uribe, Duque and their media within Colombia and the CIA military base that is in Colombia, (sic) took it to exponential levels of growth to attack Venezuela from there,” Saab asserted.

“Recently, they made a report that is rubbish, a rubbish journalistic report in quotes, to literally say that Ángelo Heredia was a latero who crossed the Darién and came back and, poor thing, he came walking, went to a house, grabbed four people, all unarmed, just to enter Venezuela to do electoral politics, because he almost left to launch as president”, he added.

It should be noted that Captain Ángelo Heredia, according to the Noticias Caracol investigation, was kidnapped near Cúcuta by the ELN and handed over to Venezuelan military intelligence.

In the report of the investigative unit also There is talk of Lieutenant Ronald Ojeda, who was kidnapped and murdered in Santiago de Chile by members of the Aragua Train who would be at the service of Venezuelan intelligence, and the opposition student leader Pablo Paradawho a few days ago was the victim of an attack in Bogotá by a criminal organization that would be linked to the regime.


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