NASA announced that it is looking for American candidates or permanent residents in that country, “healthy and motivated” and between 30 and 35 years old, who want to live like Martians by participating in the next simulation of its mission to Mars.

The experiment is scheduled for spring 2025 and aims to prepare for the first human trip to that planet.

This is the second mission ‘Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analogy’ (Chapea, for its acronym in English), in which The four selected will live as Martians for a year at the Johnson Space Center that NASA has in Houston (Texas), as reported by the agency in a statement.

The US space agency, which hopes to obtain “important scientific data” from said test, explained that applicants must have “a strong desire to experience unique and rewarding adventures” and interest in “contributing to the work of NASA.”

Those who are chosen to live as Martians will be financially compensated, but information regarding this issue will be provided during the selection process.

During the ground mission – the second of three planned -, The crew will live in a space of less than 160 square meters prepared to simulate the “challenges” that humans would encounter on the Red Planet, among which resource limitations, equipment failures and communication delays stand out.

Candidates, who cannot smoke and must be fluent in English for effective communication between crew members and with mission control, You can submit your applications until April 2.

The selection will follow “standard NASA criteria for astronaut candidates”, so a minimum of 1,000 hours piloting an airplane or a master’s degree in the field of engineering, mathematics, science or technology is required.

Although, at the same time, for the election Other aspects will be taken into account, such as having military officer training or a degree in medicine..

Among the tasks that the aerospace agency expects of participants to live like Martians include simulated spacewalks, robotic operations, habitat maintenance, exercise and crop development.


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