The representative from Texas Lloyd Doggett became the first Democratic lawmaker to publicly call on President Joe Biden to resign as a candidate to be re-elected to the Presidency of the United States.

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In a statement he said he is Hopeful that Joe Biden “will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw”citing that during the debate with Donald Trump, former president and Republican candidate, the president “failed to effectively defend his many accomplishments.”

Obama privately shares his concerns about Biden’s electoral future

Former US President Barack Obama has privately shared with people close to him his concerns about Joe Biden’s election race, which has become even more complicated following the debate on Thursday, June 27, 2024, according to The Washington Post.

According to the Post, which cites sources familiar with Obama’s comments, the former president told those close to him that Biden’s already difficult path to re-election became more challenging after his performance in the presidential debate against Republican Donald Trump on Thursday.

Sources say, according to the Washington newspaper, that Obama privately maintains a harsher view of the future of the electoral race of his former vice president than he expresses in public.

Obama spoke directly to Biden by phone after the debate to offer his support and act as an advisor to the current president.and who was under heavy criticism for his performance under Trump, the paper said.

The former president has long harbored some concerns about his party being able to defeat Republican Donald Trump in the November election, repeatedly warning Biden in recent months about how difficult it will be to win re-election, the Post recalls.

In fact, even before the debate, Barack Obama had already conveyed his concerns about the state of the electoral race to his closest allies, the American media reiterates.

While some Democrats are calling for Biden to drop out of the presidential race amid widespread panic, Obama has publicly defended Biden’s role, given their history of working together, and has even been actively involved in his campaign.

But for months, Obama has shared with Biden and his friends his deep concerns about Trump’s political strength and the real possibility that he will be re-elected in November.

Last December, during a private lunch at the White House, Obama spoke of the need for Biden to strengthen his campaign apparatus and suggested he appoint a higher-level decision-maker, the Post said.

Obama, the most senior figure in the Democratic Party, has appeared at two major fundraising events with Biden in recent months.

Last month, Biden and Obama headlined a fundraiser in Los Angeles with George Clooney and Julia Roberts that raised more than $30 million.

In April, the two performed together with former President Bill Clinton at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, raising more than $26 million, the paper reported.

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