The Russian Federal Security Service provided a preliminary toll of 40 people killed and 115 wounded during the shooting in a Moscow suburb. The authorities are working to identify the victims, mostly civilians who attended a concert, but were faced with terror.

And about 6,000 people gathered in an auditorium to listen to the Piknik group. But it wasn’t just them, there were also people who were enjoying Friday night in a leisure complex that also has a shopping center and metro station.
The criminals, in addition to shooting, set fire to the auditorium, a situation that caused several citizens to be reported missing. They are sought by their loved ones who are between desperation and anxiety.

“My wife went to the concert with friends, at 8 o’clock she called, literally for 5 minutes, but I didn’t understand anything. I tried to scream into the phone, but I didn’t understand what was happening. I don’t know what to do, I’m hopeless. My friends can only tell me to wait for the list of victims and for the hospital phone line to open.“said Semyon Khraptsov, citizen.

Some wounded were also taken out by air and taken to Moscow hospitals. Others arrived by land. Official reports say that there are a hundred people injured by firearms. For now, no one has answers about what happened.

“The police couldn’t tell me anything, nor could the doctors.. Nobody knew anything,” added the citizen.

While fighting the flames, long rows of corpses became visible outside the massacre site. The intelligence services and special services operate at the site of the attack and are searching for its perpetrators, who could still be entrenched there.

There is mourning in Russia over this terrorist attack, the worst in two decades. In Moscow, all mass activities planned for the weekend were suspended due to this massacre.

The authorities increased security at international airports to prevent new attacks and universities went to virtual classes.

The United States had already issued an alert to its citizens about possible terrorist attacks in Moscow. In fact, Russian intelligence prevented an attack on a synagogue a few days ago.


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