How is Manuel Neuer really doing and when will Bayern Munich’s regular captain return between the posts? So far, both the club and the player have only been vague. Record national player Lothar Matthäus has a clear opinion on this.

Actually, Manuel Neuer wanted to start the preparations in good shape in time for the start of training in mid-July. At least that’s what they thought. However, the past few weeks have painted a different picture. The 37-year-old is apparently anything but ready for action and underwent further operations after breaking his lower leg.

Although these were planned, they still mean further complications on the way to the comeback. In addition, the multiple world goalkeeper also complained about pain, which resulted in a week-long break in training. The keeper was also missing on the Asia tour.

Guessing about Manuel Neuer – Matthäus would hope for clarity from Bayern

Conversely, this means that the DFB goalkeeper is lagging far behind the schedule. It is currently unclear when Neuer will be back in goal. There is even internal talk of a possible return next year. And then there is still the question of whether and if so how quickly the native of Gelsenkirchen will reach his actual top form.

The current situation in this important position just before the start of the competitive game is anything but ideal. The communication in the new case also seems unfortunate and not very clear. Fans and the public are more or less in the dark.

“Due to the fact that neither FC Bayern nor the player himself commented on the training break, there are rumors about Manuel Neuer,” summarized Lothar Matthäus in “Sport Bild”. “One could simply say that it is a setback, after that but work on the comeback continues, so you leave room for speculation,” he added. Indeed.

Silence leads to rumours

As a leader and captain, Neuer himself could easily provide enlightenment. However, it is quite possible that he himself cannot draw an accurate picture of a possible comeback schedule. There just seems to be too many imponderables for which he would have to justify himself afterwards. Due to a clear and so far missing statement, the rumors and suspicions are of course boiling up. “Neuer put himself in this completely unnecessary situation,” criticized Matthäus. But: “We all hope that he returns.” There is nothing to add.

And should that be the case, the TV expert trusts Neuer to return to the old level of performance. “It’s a long way but if he succeeds he can still be one of the best goalkeepers in the world.” In any case, all Bayern fans keep their fingers crossed. Even if the route is currently very rocky and everyone involved needs a lot of patience.

By Tony Poland


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