O French President Emmanuel Macron said this Thursday that he has no doubt that Russia will try to attack the Olympic Games, which will take place during the summer in Paris, between July 26 and August 11.

“I have no doubts whatsoever, including in terms of information,” said the head of state, quoted by Reuters.

It should be noted that, at the end of March, French Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, announced the reinforcement of the country’s security plan to the highest level, following the attack in Moscow claimed by the Islamic State (IS).

“In view of the claim of an attack by the Islamic State and the threats to our country, we decided to reinforce the Vigipirate stance at the highest level: urgency of attack”, indicated the person responsible on the social network X (Twitter), after a meeting of the Defense Council and National Security, chaired by the head of State.

In fact, France had already asked its foreign allies to send members of their security forces to help protect the sporting event, with Polish Defense Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz confirming that the country will join “a international coalition established by France” for this purpose.

According to AFP, Germany assured in March that it would send an unspecified number of agents to police the Olympic Games, while French forces are expected to travel to Germany when that country hosts the Euro 2024 football tournament in June and July.

Up to 45,000 agents and 18,000 soldiers will be mobilized every day during the sporting event, according to government data. Another 18 to 22 thousand private security guards will also be on site.

Even though the audience was significantly reduced, 326 thousand people are expected to attend the ceremony. Hundreds of thousands more are also expected on the streets.

It should be noted that the thousands of athletes, the huge crowds and the global live television audience make the event a target, which was already attacked in 1972, in Munich, and in 1996, in Atlanta.

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