“DIt must be consensual with the other 19, and this will be the task of Brazilian diplomacy”, he stated at a press conference in Brasília, at Palácio do Planalto, alongside the Brazilian head of state, Lula da Silva.

“If it creates divisions, without a doubt not” he should be invited, stressed the French head of state.

Lula da Silva has already admitted that he will invite Putin to the G20 Summit of heads of state in November, in Rio de Janeiro, chaired by Brazil.

In December, he assumed that “he will be invited”.

Lula da Silva has had an ambiguous position regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If, on the one hand, he condemned the invasion, on the other, he even stated that “when one doesn’t want to, two don’t fight”.

Today, during the press conference, Lula da Silva stated that Brazil does not want to “take sides” and said that “the two pointers will have to understand each other”, in an allusion to Vladimir Putin and the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I don’t have to have the same nervousness” as Europeans, he declared.

“There is so much inequality that I don’t have time to think about another war”, he stressed, adding that he is “a pacifist”.

Macron today ended the third and final day of his state visit to Brazil, which is also his first visit to a Latin American country since taking office in 2017.

On the first day he was with Lula da Silva in the Amazon, they boarded a navy ship and sailed through the Amazon bay of Guajará to the island of Combú.

During the trip, which lasted around an hour, they held their first work meeting on board, and then visited a sustainable cocoa development project.

As part of the meeting with indigenous peoples, Macron decorated chief Raoni Metuktire, one of the most famous and oldest defenders of the Amazon, currently 92 years old, with the National Order of the Legion of Honor granted by the French State.

After the day in the Amazon, Lula da Silva and Macron went to Rio de Janeiro, to visit a naval complex located in the municipality of Itaguaí, where a Franco-Brazilian submarine program is being developed.

From Rio de Janeiro, Macron headed to São Paulo, and arrived in Brasília today.

Lula received Macron with honors at the Planalto presidential palace. The welcome ceremony was much more pompous than on other state visits and Macron walked a red carpet more than 100 meters long, among soldiers from the historic Dragons of Independence battalion, to the presidential palace.

During the press conference, Lula da Silva decorated Macron with the Grand Collar of the National Order of the Southern Cross, the highest Brazilian decoration awarded to foreign citizens.

Macron decorated First Lady Rosângela Silva, known as Janja, with the National Order of the Legion of Honor in the officer rank.

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