The New York Times newspaper asked the president of the United States, Joe Biden, in an editorial on Friday, June 28, to would drop out of the race to stay in the White House after the Democrat gave a highly questioned performance in the debate a day ago against Donald Trump.

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‘To serve his country, President Biden should abandon the electoral race’, is the title of the editorial in which the prestigious newspaper assures that “The greatest public service Mr. Biden can perform now is to announce that he will no longer seek re-election.”

Biden’s performance in the face to face with the Republican politician left the image of a candidate diminished by the age factor and in which he hesitated on several occasions, uttered disconnected sentences and introduced inaccurate data.

“It’s too big a gamble to simply hope that Americans overlook or dismiss Mr. Biden’s age and weakness”the header emphasizes, showing that their request to the Democratic candidate is not a compliment to Trump, but quite the opposite; they consider him a common enemy.

In fact, The New York Times called Biden “an admirable president” under which the US “has prospered and begun to address a number of long-term challenges.”

The Times agrees with this that Donald Trump’s (2017-2021) return to the Oval Office would entail a “danger” that it would compromise “the future of American democracy” by carrying out “its most extreme promises and threats.”

However, according to the New York newspaper, Biden “is no longer the man he was four years ago” and, during the most recent debate, he failed in his attempt to “convince the American public that he was up to the formidable demands.”

And they remembered that this performance cannot be described as a “bad night” or attributed to a “cold”, even when “It was Biden himself who challenged Trump to this verbal duel”so it should be replaced.

Should a new Democratic presidential candidate be named?

“Asking for a new Democratic candidate at this point in the campaign is a decision that is not taken lightly, But it reflects the magnitude and gravity of Trump’s challenge (…) Biden’s inability to meet it,” says the editorial of the media outlet chaired by Meredith Kopit Levien.

For the aforementioned medium, There are leaders in the Democratic ranks who better embody “a clear, compelling and energetic alternative” to a second Trump presidency, although they did not venture to name names: “There is no reason for the party to risk the stability and security of the country.”

In addition, the newspaper charged in the editorial again and again against Trump calling him an “erratic, self-interested figure unworthy of public trust”, “malignant deformation” or “candidate defined by his lies.”

“It is a tragedy that Republicans themselves did not do a deeper soul-searching after the debate (…) He blatantly and repeatedly lied about his own actions, his record as president and his opponent,” The New York Times argued.

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