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For those who are used to cooking know, a few culinary tips can transform simple dishes into real gastronomic experiences. And when it comes to homemade tomato sauce, a common, basic ingredient can play a crucial role in softening the characteristic acidic flavor of tomatoes.

If you’ve ever wanted a less acidic tomato sauce to accompany your pasta, this is the tip you need to add that special touch to your recipe. Simply use an ingredient that you probably already have on hand in your cupboard.

The sauce tomate can be made less acidic by using a common ingredient that many people have at home. The acidity naturally present in tomatoes necessarily affects the acidity level of the tomato sauce, and for this reason, Italians mainly use plum tomatoes to prepare the sauce. Besides, did you know that in the country of the Boot,her name is “sugo” and that each family has its secret recipe?

THE Roma tomatoes they have a slightly lower acidity to that of other varieties, which is useful to know when choosing fresh tomatoes for a homemade tomato sauce. Fresh, low-sugar tomatoes, for example, tend to have a more acidic flavor.

But one ingredient neutralizes the acidity of tomato sauce instead of sugar. Most people turn to sugar to rectify the acidity of the sauce, but there is another ingredient that works just as well.

The bicarbonate de sodium (food bicarbonate) is one of the most useful ingredients in cooking, it makes it possible to make more digestible starchy foods if you add it to the cooking water ore rise and make cookies softer For example. But here, it will be able to neutralize the acidity of the tomatoes while enhancing the flavor of the sauce.

Add it in small quantities and cook the sauce for a few minutes after each addition. Taste and add more if necessary, but note that the acidity of the sauce will vary depending on the quality of the tomatoes and the type of paste used.

Another common technique for balancing the acidity of a sauce is to add sweet ingredients to give it a natural sweetness. This can include chopped carrots, roasted garlic, roasted onions, or even caramelized onions.

These ingredients not only increase the depth of flavor of the sauce, but also naturally help to decrease acidity.


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