And man who was armed with an incendiary device and a pickaxe was injured by uniformed officers This Sunday, June 16, 2024, in Hamburg, the city’s police said, confirming an event that was initially reported by the local press and that took place near an area set up for soccer fans to watch a Euro Cup match.

The newspaper Bild and other media reported on the event, about which the authorities acknowledged having launched a large police force in the central San Pauli neighborhood of the German port city.

“There is currently an important police operation in San Pauli. According to the first information, a person threatened police officers with a pickaxe and an incendiary device,” The Hamburg Police reported in a statement published through their X social network account.

Given the subject’s threatening attitude, “the agents used their firearms”, so the “attacker was injured and is currently receiving medical treatment”, according to the information shared by the Police on that social network.

The Bild reported how the vicinity of the Reeperbahn, a central street in Hamburg, was the scene of this police operation, at a time when The city was experiencing a festive day since one of its stadiums was hosting a European Football Championship match organized by Germany. the duel between Poland and Holland, scheduled for 13:00 GMT and which ended with a Dutch victory (2-1).

In a video circulating in the local media you can see the police intervention, in which the agents, Before using their firearms, they used pepper spray against the aggressor, something that did not make the armed man stop his attitude.

The local press, which cited police sources, also reported that the man He was injured in the leg but his life was not in danger. after the agents also fired shots earlier to warn the subject, who would have acted alone and for a reason that has yet to be clarified.

The individual, whom the media describes as a 39-year-old German, left a fast food restaurant before making his threats in an event that occurred near an area for public viewing of the soccer match between Poland and the Netherlands.

Previously, in the area where the event occurred, Some 40,000 fans had paraded to support the Dutch soccer team. A police spokeswoman quoted in the German press who explained the event stated that what happened, according to ongoing investigations, It has no relation to the football event.


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