“UA man who fled the war will not teach Prime Minister Netanyahu moral lessons”, wrote the conservative Likud party, in response to statements by the National Unity party, led by Gantz, which classified the Israeli leader as a “defeatist”.

The two parties spent the day exchanging accusations that began when Netanyahu denied the Army and considered “unacceptable” an announcement in which the Armed Forces committed to partially “cease” their activities in the Palestinian city of Rafah, in the south of the Strip. Gaza, to allow humanitarian aid to enter.

“Defeatism: being afraid to let the Army maneuver”, declared National Unity about the actions of the Israeli Prime Minister, who this morning, at the Government meeting, accused Gantz of wanting to make “failed defeatist decisions” in relation to the war.

“Gantz, who avoided taking difficult decisions, who gave in to all international pressure, who accepted the creation of a Palestinian State and who declared, above all, that he is willing to put an end to the war before the return of all our hostages and of fulfilling all our objectives”, accused Likud in its statement about the former minister.

Benny Gantz left the emergency government last Sunday, created following the attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on Israel, on October 7, 2023, to manage the course of the war, due to differences with Netanyahu, who asked him for a plan to post-war in Gaza.

Gantz’s departure was merely symbolic, since the coalition government led by Netanyahu has a majority in the Israeli parliament (Knesset), and therefore does not need the support of National Unity.

However, the determination of former general Gantz benefited him in the most recent poll carried out by the Israeli daily Maariv on possible early elections – which around 57% of the population supports – and placed him ahead of Netanyahu, with 27 seats. parliamentarians, against the 20 that Likud would obtain.

The current coalition in the Government would also fall short of Gantz’s proposal in early legislative elections, falling to 52 parliamentary mandates (out of the 64 he currently holds), while the former minister would gain 58 mandates if he allied himself with the opposition.

On October 7 last year, Israel declared a war in the Gaza Strip to “eradicate” Hamas, hours after it carried out an attack of unprecedented proportions on Israeli territory, killing 1,194 people, most of them civilians.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) — in power in Gaza since 2007 and classified as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel — also took 251 hostages, 120 of whom remain in captivity and 41 have died in the meantime, according to the latest assessment of the Israeli Army.

The war, which today entered its 254th day and continues to threaten to spread throughout the entire Middle East region, has so far left at least 37,337 dead and 85,299 injured in the Gaza Strip, in addition to around 10,000 missing, most of them civilians. presumably buried in rubble after eight months of war, according to updated figures from local authorities.

The conflict has also caused nearly two million people to be displaced, plunging the overpopulated and poor Palestinian enclave into a serious humanitarian crisis, with more than 1.1 million people in a “situation of catastrophic hunger” that is claiming victims – “the highest number ever recorded” by the UN in studies on food security in the world.

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