In the municipality of Mulukú, Nicaragua, a A man in a wheelchair died after being stung multiple times by African bees. According to the Nicaragua Actual media, the incident occurred last Monday, March 24, in the morning hours.

The deceased, identified as Jasir Laguna Blancard, was passing by a bridge when he was attacked by the angry bees, which in a few minutes settled on his entire body.
Thanks to the quick action of a firefighter, The citizen managed to be rescued and transferred to a care center. Despite the efforts of doctors to save his life, the man attacked by African bees died.

Due to the bites, Jasir Laguna Blancard ended up unconscious, with edema and also He presented signs of respiratory failure.

A citizen who witnessed the attack filmed what happened with her cell phone. Through tears, the woman lamented the fate of the victim, who could do little in the face of the fury of the swarm.

Oh my God, help him, God“said the woman in the video that we refrain from showing due to its sensitive content.

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