The Finnish Police arrested a man linked to the extreme right and who stabbed a 12-year-old boy of foreign origin in a shopping center in the city of Oulu, the Finnish National Investigation Bureau (KRP) reported this Friday, June 14. .

The event took place on Thursday afternoon, when the attacker, a Finnish citizen in his 30s, attacked a group of three minors without warning with a sharp weapon in a busy shopping center.

According to eyewitnesses, the attacker He stabbed one of the minors several times in the back and also tried to stab another, who managed to flee from the aggressor. despite the fact that he tried to chase him through the shopping center.

The victim, of Finnish nationality but foreign origin, suffered serious injuries and was urgently transferred to a hospital, although According to the medical report, his life is not in danger.

The attacker, who according to the KRP has a criminal record and belongs to a far-right group, was subdued by security guards near the shopping center when he tried to flee, until several police officers arrested him.

The quick intervention of the security guards, who treated the injured young man and chased away the aggressor, was crucial in avoiding a greater tragedy, according to the Police.

The investigation of the event passed this Friday from the Police to the KRP, since This is an alleged case of extremist violence for racist reasons.

The attacker faces two counts of attempted murder, aggravated by possible racist motivations and the young age of the victims.


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