UA marine who abandoned the Spanish Navy to fight in the war in Ukraine died in action. Sergio Antolín asked, in September last year, for a three-month leave to fight in Ukraine.

The man should have returned to his position on December 25th, but he did not return and was considered a fugitive. According to ABC Spain, which cites the local newspaper Diário de Cádiz, it has now become known that the soldier lost his life in combat.

The Armed Force reported the escape and the Civil Guard opened an investigation to clarify the young man’s whereabouts. After investigation, authorities determined that Sergio Antolín had traveled to Eastern Europe to enlist as a volunteer in the Ukrainian army.

A report by the newspaper El Español revealed that the soldier’s intention in enlisting in the Ukrainian army was to experience the war up close.

It was the Spanish police who broke the news of the soldier’s death to his mother. Sergio’s documentation was sent to the Spanish authorities, as were his belongings, which will later be handed over to his family.

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