In Campo Largo, a town in Argentina, an event occurred that has residents dismayed: A 64-year-old man murdered his partner, dismembered him and then put the remains in an oil barrel. The situation took place inside a supermarket.

The victim was identified as Long Shi, a 27-year-old young man of Chinese nationality, who was shot three times by his partner, who killed him in a merciless manner.

He put Long Shi’s dismembered body into the barrel.

North Newspaper

According to Diario Norte, Police reported that a woman heard screams and followed the explosions. Although the authorities arrived at the scene, no one from the supermarket came out to give a version. However, the site was guarded.

The next day, one of the owners of the establishment and the victim’s aunt, Yulan Shi, was faced with the terrible event, as she found the young man’s lifeless body.

She said that the attacker, after killing her nephew, He locked her up for almost 9 hours and threatened to kill her if she said anything about it. of the facts. But that didn’t stop him from ratting him out.

Apparently, the bad treatment came from before and apparently this last discussion was triggered because a pair of shoes was missing from the supermarket and that caused the criminal to attack his partner by shooting him three times.

The police entered the supermarket with the help of Yulan Shi. Thanks to the collaboration, officers discovered the crime scene and the body that was inside the barrel. In addition to the elements that he used to carry out his macabre plan.

Objects found at the crime scene

Money was also found along with the items.

North Newspaper


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