UA 40-year-old man was shot dead after threatening passers-by with a meat cleaver at a tram station in Paris, France, in the early hours of Saturday. According to the French press, which cites police sources, the incident took place at 3:00 am local time (2:00 am in Lisbon) and authorities fired around 20 shots.

The alert was given by a citizen after a man, of Sudanese nationality, approached him to ask for a lighter, at the Butte du Chapeau-Rouge station. When he refused, the suspect tried to hit him with the meat cleaver, but the victim managed to escape and call the authorities.

The authorities quickly arrived at the scene and found “a man holding a cleaver in one hand and a notebook with Arabic inscriptions in the other”, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, cited by Le Figaro.

The police ordered him to lower the object, but, despite multiple warnings, the suspect “refused and uttered words” and it was necessary to use a taser. However, the man continued with the threats and the officers had to shoot.

“According to initial information, four police officers used their weapons around twenty times,” explained the Public Ministry.

The suspect, born in Sudan, had no criminal record.

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